Skopje – Metropolis that never give up

Skopje is one of the few cities in the world that many times is devastated and still proudly upright. Only one bridge is the boundary between modern style typical of every metropolis and the old part of the city that testifies to all the civilizations that passed here through the centuries.

City tour starts from the fortress which provides beautiful views of the city, and continues through the old bazaar where the old churches, mosques, baths, inns, and the old craft stores are concentrated . This square kilometer is the best example in the Balkans that different nationalities and faiths can live together, but cheriсh their specific values​​. It is the part of the city that survived the last big earthquake in Skopje, 26.7.1963. Sightseeing continues at the city square and pedestrian street surrounded by buildings, monuments and fountains dedicated to all previous civilizations. The symbol of the spirit of these people is Memorial House of Mother Teresa, built only a hundred meters from the place where she was born.

Some of the attractions near Skopje can be visited in a full day city tour.

Millennium Cross on the top of mountain Vodno, by cable car .

The artificial lake Matka and Canyon Matka, surrounded by underwater caves.



24th September, 2020