Why Macedonia


  • When we talk about Macedonia , its inevitable to assign one extraordinary epithet-Marvellous Land.Land of contrast , land that unites  the past and presence.
  • Situated in the heart of The Balcan , its breathing and existing for almost 30 centuries, with wide open doors, hospitality and a sincere smile for everyone.The height of this country can be measured also through the prism of her sacredness and holiness presented through her numerous churches,monasteries and mosques that today are only silent witnesses for a time so far, but still so close.
  • As a pearl of The Balcan , Macedonia is proud of her beauties and rarities, untouched nature, rich and endemic flora and fauna , cultural historical heritage,tradition, customs…. with one word, proud of the Macedonian soul.
  • The traditional tasty food so as the many unique brand wines , can’t leave anyone indifferent about this country.
  • That’s why on the map of every tourist its inevitable to mark the road to the mystic Macedonia , land dignified for respect and visit from every traveller , who accidently or purposely will wish to feel the touch of the Macedonian tradition and roots.



24th September, 2020